Bloom of the Month - 6 Calla Lilies

Bloom of the Month - 6 Calla Lilies
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Six of the loveliest snow-white Calla lilies will arrive to bear good tidings in January. These majestic beauties are hand-selected from the California farm where they thrive, basking in the warm sun on a hillside that overlooks the ocean. Callas lilies have long been a symbol of grace and elegance, now you can share them with someone worthy of their charms!

Calla Lilies-Special Care Instruction

The Calla lilies are definitely in bloom in sunny California, where these majestic beauties thrive, basking in the warm sun on a hillside that overlooks the ocean. These lovely blooms were hand selected only hours prior to shipping them to you. Because our goal is to provide you with the freshest flowers available, our farm ships them to you in tight bud form. With proper conditioning, you can expect your Calla Lilies to last between 4-8 days.

Please bear in mind that your flowers have traveled a long distance, and may appear "tired" upon arrival. Your flowers are only thirsty! Follow the care instructions on this card and allow time (usually a few hours) for your flowers to drink. You will see them develop into beautiful flowers over the next few days.

1. Remove flowers and foliage from the box by cutting the band that secures them.

2. Thoroughly clean vase and fill of the way with cool water and contents of floral preservative package.

3. Submerge ends of flower stems and foliage in a basin filled with water. With a sharp knife or floral shears, cut at least 1 inch off the bottom of stems on an angle.

4. Place flowers and foliage in water immediately. Arrange as desired.

5. Refill vase filled with fresh water, and re-cut stems every other day. Displaying your flowers out of direct sunlight and drafts will help prolong their freshness.

Calla Lilies tend to bruise easily. Be sure to leave room between the flower heads when arranging in vase.