Calamondin Orange Tree in Stonington Pot

Calamondin Orange Tree in Stonington Pot
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We love how this Calamondin orange tree gives a welcoming feeling to a brand new home. This compact citrus variety will produce its fragrant blossoms and petite oranges continuously, needing only bright sun, steady water and an occasional stint outdoors where the bees can pollinate the blossoms. You can even slice the tangy fruit for an exotic ice tea garnish or homemade marmalade. We’ve paired it with this understated stoneware pot accented with an ivy leaf pattern and brushed with just a hint of color. It’s a tasteful antique look that makes an excellent gift for a gentleman’s birthday or as a heartfelt get well. Plant, in 6”D grow pot measures 24”H (including stoneware pot) x 12”W.

NOTE: Due to agricultural restrictions, this product is not available for delivery in the state of CA, LA, TX, and AZ.