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One Dozen Red Roses with 7 oz. Belgian Truffles Product Code: 1165 Like Romeo and Juliet, this pairs romance is written in the stars! Our dozen red rose bouquet joins with 7 ounces of our own Fleur de Chocolate™ Belgian truffles for the ultimate Valentine's Day gift! Your beloved receives only the freshest, longest-stemmed red roses - arranged with baby's breath and rich, green foliage - and a box of Belgian's best, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles. It's still the most classic combination of Valentine's Day greetings! Wrap may vary.

NOTE: Available for delivery only within the continental United States. Due to agricultural restrictions, this product is not available for Saturday delivery in the state of California.

Rose Care Instructions
Your roses have traveled a long distance, and will need some special care to help them look their best!

1. Fill your favorite vase ¾ of the way with lukewarm water and contents of floral preservative package.

2. Remove your bouquet from the box by cutting the band securing it.

3. Strip the rose stem of any foilage that will be underwater. This will help prevent your roses from wilting.

4. Remove water tubes from ends of the stems. With a sharp knife or cutting shears, cut at least 1" off the bottom of each stem underwater. Place your roses in vase immediately.

5. Carefully pluck off one or two outer "guard petals" of your roses if they have become bruised during shipping.

6. You should re-cut stems every few days, and keep vase filled with fresh water. Displaying your farm direct roses out of direct sunlight and drafts will prolong the life of your bouquet.